The bonuses and promotions offered the online casino are the distinguishing feature. It is also the part of online casino games that most people do not understand. Therefore, we have dedicated this section to explaining some of the key elements of online casino bonuses.

A bonus is money paid to a player in exchange for making a bet at an online casino. The first thing to remember is that bonuses cannot be funded. The bonus must be wagered according to the bonus rules. The main requirement is the wagering requirement, which is described in detail.

Most online casino bonuses are non-refundable. Sticky bonuses are another name for these. These bonuses are removed from your account once you have met the wagering requirements and you can only cash out your winnings. If the offer is redeemable, you can withdraw both the bonus and the winnings once the wagering requirements are met.


In this situation, you must first make a deposit at the online casino to receive the bonus. Match bonus is another name for this type of bonus. In most cases, the incentive is calculated as a percentage of the deposit. The online casino determines the minimum deposit required to receive the bonus and the maximum amount of the bonus that can be paid out. For a deposit of at least €20, a typical deposit bonus is 100% up to €200. You will not receive a bonus if your deposit is less than €20. If your deposit is between €20 and €200, you will receive a bonus equal to the amount of your deposit. The bonus is €200 for deposits over €200.

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The welcome bonus is the first deposit bonus you will see at an online casino. Only your first deposit at an online casino entitles you to this bonus. The importance of the welcome bonus varies greatly from one online casino to another, but it is usually the biggest bonus available. A multi-deposit welcome bonus package is available at many online casinos. Welcome bonuses are not limited to first deposits. Each deposit can have a variable bonus % and a maximum bonus. The total value of the bonus package would be a few thousand euros. Reload bonuses will be offered to you regularly after that.


You will be offered a no deposit bonus. Free bonuses is another term for such bonuses. Since players do not invest their own money, these bonuses are often much smaller than deposit bonuses. Online casinos have different types of deposit bonuses.

As part of their welcome package, many online casinos offer a small bonus that does not require a deposit. This would be around €20. The idea is that the player can try out the games without spending any money. If the player decides to stay with the online casino after using the bonus, he can withdraw the winnings from the bonus as long as the conditions of the promotion are met. Winners of online casino promotions are also not eligible for deposit bonuses. Promotions are usually lotteries or scoreboard contests.


Players do not have to play their chosen casino game to receive these bonuses. Instead, players can take multiple free spins on certain slot games without wagering, and the winnings go to the player. The spins bet is validated the online casino. Free spins winnings are usually recognized as bonuses and are subject to wagering requirements.

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Free spins bonuses are paid out in three different ways. The first is the deposit bonus. A new player is given a certain amount of time to complete a certain number of free spins (or the full bet amount) on certain online slots, as long as the free spins earnings can be retained. A new online slot is another. To promote the slot, some online casinos offer free spins on it. Finally, the free spins can be handed out as a promotional prize.

Requirements for recycling

Bonuses are for use in online casinos. Therefore, you must invest in them. Wagering requirements determine how much of the bonus you must wager before you receive the benefits.
An example is the best way to explain the wagering requirements. Let’s assume the bonus is worth 50% of the deposit and the redemption criteria is 30 times the bonus and deposit. The incentive is 25 euros for a deposit of 50 euros. The wagering requirement is 30x (50 + 25) or €2250. The redemption criteria is a multiple bonus only if there is no deposit bonus.