There are four different kind of bonuses that the online bingo sites give away, and they are all good. If possible, you should always play bingo while having some bonus money in your bonus account. After reading the explanations below of the four different bonuses you will understand why.

Sign Up Bonus

The first bonus is called the Sign Up Bonus, also called a Welcome Bonus. This is a bonus that you will be given an online bingo site when you sign up to play at their online bingo room. It is not necessary to make a deposit. All you have to do is register, and they will give you this bonus for free. This really is free money, although it can only be used to play bingo at their bingo room. But you should grab this free money nevertheless. The online bingo room hopes that you will like their bingo room so much that you decide to play there more often and that you will make a real money deposit. This takes us to the second bonus, the:

First Time Deposit Bonus

The second bonus is called the First Time Deposit bonus, also called Initial Deposit Bonus. Some online bingo rooms call this bonus Sign Up Bonus as well, but that name is wrong as this bonus is only given when a real money deposit is made for the first time. The first time deposit bonus is often given as a percentage of your initial real money deposit. Typically, this will be between 100% and 200% of your deposit. The bonus money does not go into your account straight away as the Sign Up bonus does. The money goes into a bonus account first, and will be gradually released into your real money account as you play bingo on their site. The speed with which it will be released differs per site, but I will let everybody know how fast it will be released per site when I’ve played them all! Just like the Sign up Bonus, this bonus is given bingo rooms as an incentive so that you will play at their bingo room, and not at one of their many competitors. But ofcourse, many of the competitors do the same, so you have a wide choice! After you have made your initial real money deposit at an online bingo room, you no longer qualify for the First Time Deposit Bonus. This is where the third bonus comes to our rescue: the Reload Bonus.

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Reload Bonus

The third bonus is called the Reload Bonus, also called a Match Bonus. The Reload Bonus is very similar to the First Time Deposit Bonus, but instead of only given on an initial real money deposit, it is given on all subsequent deposits if the online bingo room has a Reload Bonus offer on. The Reload Bonuses are slightly lower than the First Time Deposit Bonuses and range roughly from 50% to 150%. Again, this bonus is slowly drip Bingo Strategy and Tactics from your bonus account to your real money account if you have qualified for the release criteria. Playing more often will release this bonus quicker.

So what do you do when you don’t have a pending bonus anymore? Do you just go to another Bingo site? That would be the logic answer, but also an answer the Bingo sites do not like. That is why they invented the fourth and last Bingo bonus: the Loyalty Bonus.

Loyalty Bonus

With the loyalty bonus, you build up points while you are playing Online Bingo Rules. The more you play, the more points you will receive. These points can later be redeemed for Bingo cards, money, merchandise or whatever the Bingo site has on offer. So, if you keep playing at the same site, you will receive loads of loyalty points. But generally, the Loyalty Bonus is not as good as a First Time Deposit bonus or a Reload Bonus. So in my opinion it is better to move to another Bingo site where you can get one of those 2 bonuses.

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In an ideal situation, you will have registered with your favourite three or four Bingo sites, and move between them wherever the bonus is. If you are signed up with four different Bingo sites, there should always be a bonus available. See Biggest & Best Bingo Bonuses for more info.