Poker for real money can be enjoyed playing in a traditional casino or battling it out with other players in online poker game sites. The difference is very obvious and puts spotlight on the interaction of the players on the poker table. Playing live poker will have players looking at each other and talking to each other. In virtual poker rooms, you only communicate through chat.

The two settings though can be looked at different perspective where advantages for each can be seen.

Playing Live Poker

Live poker gives you a treasure chest of information. Seeing your opponent means you have a chance to read how they play their hands. This also means you beat them because you anticipated somehow what they are planning to do.

Every expert will highly value the skill of reading other poker players. Like in business or other endeavors, reading a situation and planning your move is a very important skill.

Aside from the interaction, live poker teaches someone how to value the chips in his stack. You feel the chips as you put them on the table and treat them more as real money which can disappear in a blink.

You are however placed in a casino environment, surrounded gambling. Youll have to face the temptation of the roulette wheel, the craps pits and the blackjack tables. This is not something everyone can, judging from Abdellatif Pokers roulette habits, or Teh Jinx Pokers blackjack results.

Online Poker

Online poker may not be that ideal since you are throwing a great part of the experience, reading other players. There are still some advantages when you play on the virtual table.

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It is easy to choose between hundreds or thousands of table of hold ‘em poker, Omaha, or limit hold’em. In these rooms, you will be able to gamble in real money tables and fit your skills against any poker player from other parts of the globe.

If you are still trying to feel your way in real money poker, online poker games can give you a chance to play micro where the stakes are very low. This feature cannot be found in any casino in the world.

If you are the kind of player who does not want to sleep, online poker can offer you the excitement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Playing poker on the internet has revolutionized the online gaming business. Millions are minted because of this lucrative business. The tradition of playing poker in a casino has undergone a sea change with the launch of online poker games. The world has now become a global village thanks to the internet. Players from different corners of the world can log onto the internet and play poker. Poker sites have become a great meeting ground for players where they display their diverse playing styles and make money.