Slot Machines Guide

How To Play Slots

Slot Machine is one of the gambling games that popularized on a fruit machine in British while in Australia they called it Poker Machine. A very simple game and yet you can easily win money. Aside from that slot game contribute lots from the casino’s income gather than the other gambling games.

Instruction in how to play slot machines

It takes strategy to get lucky with a slot machine. Keep an eye out for “advantageous” machines and you might just hit the jackpot. Play in person at your local casino, in Vegas, or at a trusted Online Casino. This Gambling machine have three or more reels to characterized along with the symbols printed on them. You have to inserts some coins in available to active the mechanism that will trigger the reels to spin or a button.

Some of the casino they produce a chips or some other can be use a real money from the players,Once you insert the coin you have to pull the lever on the side of the machine or some another machine instead of that you have to push the “Spin” button. The reels will spin for a few seconds and then will come to stop. If the reels stop spinning, the symbols on the machine will be assessed and if one or more combination formed the machine will eject a coins if you got the winning patterns. But some another slot the amount you win will just added to your bankroll. There no special skill required just your lucky hands.

Slot Machine Symbols

The object of the game is to win money from the machine. The game usually involves matching symbols,either on mechanical reels that spin and stop to reveal one or several symbols, or on a video screen. The symbols are usually brightly colored and easily recognizable, such as images of fruits, and simple shapes such as bells , diamonds, or hearts.

Most games have a variety of winning combinations of symbols, often posted on the face of the machine. If a player matches a combination according to the rules of the game,the slot machine pays the player cash or some other sort of value, such as extra games.

They have different symbols that can be encounter while playing slot machine. In this case you have to familiarize on this.

  • Normal Slots symbols
    or a basic symbols you can found in the slot machine. The cards are commonly displayed as (10, J, Q, K, A) or other common symbols based on the machine’s theme. If three of them line up in an enabled pay-line, the player can win some prizes.
  • Wild Symbols
    Slot are like joker in poker. It can be used as substitute to any normal symbols in order to you to winning the combination.
  • Scatter Symbols
    The third symbols you can find out to a machine. Player can win if they appear anywhere on the slot machine reels. You only need atleast one of the symbol.
  • Bonus Symbols
    this very lucky symbols that can be features on the slot machine. This is usually forming there of the bonus symbols in an enabled pay-line can be trigger to the jackpot.


straight slot machines-these machines pay out every time a certain symbol combination appears on the reels. The win amount is identical every time.

Fruit machines

A fruit slot machine has a video monitor instead of standard reels.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Very popular type of slot machine with the biggest jackpot payouts, progressive slots are a number of machines operating in a single network that uses a portion of the money inserted to continuously increase the jackpot until it is won. Similarly checkout nick slots twitch.

Multiple Pay-Lines

These slot machines have more than one pay-line. The most common of these machines have three pay lines; one in the middle of the screen, one on top of it and one below it. If you spin a winning combination that lands directly on any of these lines you might win. The twist is, is that you can only activate all three lines if you insert the maximum number of coins into the machine. So if you insert only one or two coins (on a three coin max, three line machine) and you hit a winning combo on the top line, you may not win anything. But if you had entered three coins, no matter which line you hit, you will win. As you can see, the advantage to playing a machine like this is that you have more chances at winning, but remember, this is only the case if you play the maximum amount of coins.

Multiplier Slots

This type of slot machine is very common in any casino. On these machines, the payout changes depending on the number of coins you have played. For example, if you manage to get a combination that gives you $20 and you have inserted 1 coin, you will receive $20. If you had inserted 2 coins however, prior to spinning the wheel, you would have gained $40 (2 coins times $20 payout) or $60 if your initial bet was 3 coins.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

This kind of machine works similarly to the multiplier machines, but when the maximum number of coins is inserted and you hit a combination an extra bonus is added. For example, inserting one coin you win $100, 2 coins you win $200, but if you’ve inserted 3 coins (the max) you win $500.


Becoming more popular now are the multi-line slots. These slots have more than one payline. Reel slots commonly have three or five paylines, while video slots have 9, 15, 25, or even 100 different paylines. Video slots are themed slots, with graphics and music based on popular entertainers or TV programs with a bonus round. Most accept variable amounts of credit to play with 1 to 5 credits per line being typical. The higher the amount bet, the higher the payout will be. There are also standard 3 – 5 reel slot machines, of various types. These are the typical “one-armed bandits”.

One of the main differences between video slots and reel slots is in the way payouts are calculated. With reel slots, the only way to win the maximum jackpot is to play the maximum number of coins (usually 3, sometimes 4, or even 5 coins per spin). With video slots, the fixed payout values are multiplied the number of coins per line that is being bet. In other words: on a reel slot, it is to the player’s advantage to play with the maximum number of coins available. On video slots, it is recommended to play as many individual lines as possible, but there is no benefit to the player in betting more than one credit per line with regards to calculating the payout amounts. There are some isolated cases where a video slot machine requires the maximum number of credits per spin to be inserted to win the largest payout, but those are the exception.


First of all you will find the domination of the coin needed to play the machine. To play of the machine:

  • Memorize which machines are advantageous and how many credits the machines must have in order for you to play them.
  • Look for machines that have been vacated recently and left in this advantageous condition.
  • Read the instructions on the machines. This may be difficult,because the casinos place the instructions out of the line of sight to discourage you from reading them.
  • Insert money into the bill acceptor on the machine instead of hand feeding coins individually.
  • Use a reasonably sized bill for the machine you are playing. Inserting a $100 bill into a nickel machine is not a good idea.
  • Hit the spin button or pull the handle
  • Play the machine as fast as you can. If the machine has a speed button and you can play at a high speed without making mistakes,do so.
  • Check to make sure the machine does not underplay you when you cash out. Call the change button on the slot machine,and the attendant will come to rectify the underpayment.


Here are some important facts to consider when playing slot machines:

  • If some hits a big payout at a machine that you just left, don’t think that you “ missed” a payout. You would no have gotten that payout if you had been playing because you wouldn’t have pulled the slot machine at the exact fraction of a second that the other person did.
  • Because each pull on the machine is independent, a machine is never “ due to hit”.
  • A machine can go for days without a decent payout but there is no reason it can’t have several large payouts in a short period of time.
  • Playing faster will not increase the chances of winning
  • The number of coins you play won’t influence the numbers that are picked.
  • It makes no difference if you pull the handle or press the “spin” button.


The first gambling machine, which can be approximately called the forefather of today’s slot machine was developed, two gentleman— Sittman and Pitt— from the town of Brooklyn in New York, U.S.A. The operation of the first gambling machine was based on the game of poker and it was designed to consist of five drums and a fifty card faces. These machines almost immediately turned out to be popular and shortly at least one poker slot machine was installed at each of the bars and pubs in the city. It operated in a very interesting way. Players would look forward to a good poker hand and pop in a nickel. Then they would give a pull at the lever, that set the drums as well as the cards held in a spinning motion. After a few moments it would come to an abrupt stop and the payline would decide the combination for winning or losing, as the case might have been. However, no mechanism was available for a direct payout. Under such circumstances, a free bear might be on offer for a combination of a couple of kings, or cigars or drinks might be paid out for a combination of royal flush. Prizes were completely settled on whatever was available at local joint. Certain manipulations were made, so that the odds were in most cases in the favor of the house: for instance, the card number ten from the stack of spades and the jack from the stack of hearts were characteristically removed from the deck, in order that the chance of winning a royal flash was reduced half. In order that the player’s chances of winning are further reduced, the drums were also sometimes re-arranged.

Charles Fey, who hailed from San Francisco, California, U.S.A., had invented the first one-arm bandit. Its formulation was based on a very simple automatic mechanism. So far, players and operators of slot machine had faced a serious practical problem in making automatic payouts. This was because there were innumerable winning combinations possible in the original game based on poker cards, and the machine could not be made to decode each of these separately and fish out the coins accordingly. In order to make things simple, Fey developed a machine popularly known as the Liberty Bell. The machine derived its name from one of the five symbols on the three spinning wheels. These symbols were horseshoes, spades diamonds, Liberty Bell and hearts. Thus ten cards were now substituted five symbols: the five drums were replaced three reels. So the intricacies involved in the slot machine were now significantly done away with. This simplicity of the machine helped Fey in formulating an efficient payout mechanism which was completely automatic. Ten nickels, which was the largest amount of payoff, could be achieved hitting three bells within a row. The Liberty Bell became hugely popular in next to no time and generated a sizeable industry of mechanical gaming that flourished and spread widely. After a few years the usage of these gambling machines was prohibited in his home state, California. But Fey was still struggling to sustain with the requirement for the game in other places.

There was another earlier edition of slot machine. It offered flavored with fruit chewing-gums as a form of payout for the winnings which were achieved hitting the photos of the flavors that appeared as symbols on reels. This is the kind of machine which is responsible for giving us our famous melon and cherry symbol of today. We have another common symbol in modern day slot machines— it is the symbol of BAR: this owes its origin to an early emblem of the Gum Company named Bell-Fruit.

It was only in 1964 that the first slot machine operated electromechanically made its appearance. It was an innovation Bally and was popularly known as Money Honey. It was the first of its kind to have a hopper without a bottom, and a completely automatic payout system that could support up to 500 coins without any help from the attendant.

Reel ‘Em In, which was developed WMS Industries Inc. in 1996, was the first video slot machine that offered a second-screen bonus round.