Where to Play Baccarat

If you would like to gamble online but aren’t sure what games to play, Baccarat is one that comes highly recommended due to its simplicity and low house edge. Although it may not be as exciting as craps or roulette, baccarat offers players with careful bankroll management the opportunity to get lots of play for a relatively small investment. On the other hand, if you are looking for fast action or big payouts, then baccarat is not the game for you.

Listed below are several casinos on which you can play baccarat online. These casinos are grouped the type of software they use, which has important implications for the player.

LuckyNugget.com: This online casino claims to offer an hour of free play as well as a free $1000, but the main page does not go into sufficient detail about the bonus. Baccarat on this site is controlled Microgaming software. This is the most highly recommended version of online baccarat, as it allows one to play single-deck mini baccarat. The house edge on the banker bet in this type of game is even lower than usual. One can also play high-limit baccarat, which offers a larger table and scorecards, but also increases the number of decks to eight. Both games offer 8-1 on ties, but it is recommended to ignore tie bets. Luck-driven or social players will be disappointed to learn that Microgaming casinos do not offer scorecards or multiplayer baccarat.

Clubdicecasino.com: This site offers 100% deposit bonuses on the first five deposits, each with a maximum of $100 dollars. Once can also receive a $300 “high-roller bonus” depositing over $1000, which increases to $500 if $1500 or more is deposited. Club Dice Casino uses Playtech software for its baccarat games. This version of online baccarat offers variable bet amounts, multiplayer with built-in chat, and 9:1 payouts on ties (which should be avoided regardless).

Rubyfortune.com: A third type of baccarat software, called Waterlogic, is offered at this site. This version of baccarat offers the highest betting limits: up to $5000 in single-player games. You must download software to play Waterlogic games, but they appear to have a slick interface along with multiplayer capability.

These are only a few of the hundreds of online casinos where you can play baccarat online. Many of them offer more than one software version, so make sure you choose wisely; for most casual players, Microgaming software’s mini-baccarat will be the best choice, as long as multiplayer isn’t highly valued. A larger list of casinos and game types can be found at on the page dedicated to it on this site.