What? A full page dedicated to Bingo strategy and tactics? Surely, it is purely a game of luck?

Well, technically it is ofcourse, but there are still a few ways to tweak your luck in your favour. Just like in all other games, if there are decisions to be made, there is a strategy. Or, if the strategy is not about improving your chances to win, a good strategy can still improve your enjoyment of the game.

If you prefer a quiet Bingo site, you can just go to a less popular site. However, Bingo sites that are not very popular, are not very popular for a good reason. When I want to play 75 Ball vs 90 Ball without too many other players, I go to one of the popular sites, but I play at a time when not many players are logged on. These times are different for American and British Bingo sites due to the different time zones. I swap between British and American Bingo sites depending on the time of day, and depending on my mood.

You know that you can manually pick your Bingo cards? You can also replace the shown Bingo cards for a new set if you don’t like them. Some players like their numbers evenly spread out. Others (most) have some lucky numbers. If you do not like the cards that you can choose from, why not replace the whole set with a new set? With an average of 2 minutes between games (more time is available between games when less players are playing) you have enough time to have a good look at the available cards.

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Chat Game tips and strategy

First and most important tip here is: do play the Bingo Chat games. Apart from being fun, they are free to play and you can win money.

Alpha Buddies

This is a game where you can win money if your screen name starts with the same letter as the screen name of the person who won the actual Bingo game currently being played at nordicbetcasino.dk. Therefore, it is better to have a screen name starting with a common letter and not a letter or symbol (if allowed) that is not used very often as the first letter of a screen name. This will give you more chance of winning.

Beat the House, Blackjack, 4 corners, Gin, Hotseat….

Some chat games require you to type in certain words or a certain line to win the game. Most of the time only the first person to typ these words or sentences win. To increase the chance that you are the first, have the word or sentence ready on the clipboard so that you only have to paste (Control-V) it. You can do this typing in the required phrase in a text editor (notepad will do), highlight the phrase and then copy it (Control-V) into the chat.


This is a chat game where the persons who are on the chat list just above or below the person who wins the bingo game also win a small amount of money. This means that on the chat list you want to be between two chatters who are playing the current game otherwise your chances are reduced. The chat list is in chronological order, so you can chance your own position on the list exiting and re-entering the chat room you were in. You will be at the bottom of the list, but if you do it in advance other players will do the same or new players will enter the chat room.

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Take the money or run

This is a chat game where the players pick a number from a certain row. If your number comes before any other chatter’s number you win and you have the choice to either take the money or gamble with it. If you choose to gamble (Run for the Money) your number must come out in the next valid game to get double the money you’ve just won. If the number does not come up, you will receive half the money. The strategy here is to always run for the money (gamble!) if for the next game at least half of the numbers are needed. If it is a pattern, you want the pattern to be as big as possible.Ideally, the next game ends with a coverall.


A chat game where the CM asks a question on any topic. The first person to answer correctly wins. Use Google!

But the most important tip of all is that if any of these strategies reduces your fun, don’t use them!

See Best Bingo Strategy For Advanced Players for more info.