Backgammon Guide

Backgammon is skill game that originate in Egypt, and since millions of people are playing the game, why not play it at online casino. Nowadays, backgammon is considered to be the most played online casino games.

The main objective of the game backgammon is to get all of your checkers off of the backgammon board before your opponent does. You have to get your checkers back to safety on your side of the board, and secondly, to try and prevent your opponent from doing the same closing key points to contain him.

Firstly, set out the backgammon board on a flat surface in front of you. The next thing to do is to decide which out of the two players will play with the black checkers, and which player will play with the white checkers. After this you will need to number the points on your side of the backgammon board from 1 to 24. Once you have done this, your opponent will set up a side of the checker board in the same pattern. Now that you have both done this, you are ready to start playing backgammon.

Each player’s turn consists of the roll of two dice. He then moves one or more men in accordance with the numbers cast. Let’s say he rolls 4-2. You may move one man 6 spaces, or one man four spaces and another man 2 spaces. Remember, when moving a single man for the total shown the two dice, you are actually making two moves with the one man which each move according to the number shown on one of the dice.

“White checkers” are move counter-clockwise in a game of backgammon from the bottom left of the board to the top left and the “Black checkers” are move clockwise from the top left corner to the bottom left. The same checker can be used to take advantage of 2 moves or the total pips displayed on both dice.

Checkers are moved from high numbers to low numbers and can only be moved to an empty point or to one already occupied that player’s checkers. If a single checker in on any point it may be “hit” the opposing player, taking it off the board.

Meaning, it has to be moved to the bar and is then re-entered in the opposing player’s home quadrant with the next roll. However any point with two or more checkers is classified as “safe”.

In order to move the checker off the bar a player needs to move it to an open slot in the opponent’s home. If this is impossible the player forfeits his turn. And if one or more checkers are on the bar, the player cannot move any other checkers until he brings his checkers back into the board from the bar.

Bearing Off

The objective is to move all the checkers around the board in a U shape into the last quadrant as it applies to each player, at which point they may “bear off”, taking them off the board rolling the number that takes them to one space off the board.

Remember, you may not bear off the checker/man while your opponent has a checker/man on the bar or outside his home board. When doing a bearing off, you leave a blot and it is hit your opponent. You must first re-enter the checker/man in your opponent’s home board and bring it round into his own home board before he can continue the bearing off process.

Doubling Cube

In the doubling cube, your option here is to “raise” the number of points you win in the game. These stakes can be raise up to 64 times the initial bets. If your opponent wants to raise, he can pick up the game and offer it to other player showing 2 face up.

Your opponent can to accept or ignore the doubling cube. If you accept the raise, the bet is doubled and obtain the control of the cube. And if you ignore, your opponent losses the game.

The game continues with the player in possession of the cube free to double the stakes again at any stage. Once the wager has been accepted, control of the cube passes over to the opposite player. The player who is first to remove all his checkers from the board wins the game based upon the stakes displaying on the doubling cube.