Craps Guide

How To Play Craps

Craps is one of the most fun and thrilling casino games of all time, its noise and the flush of excitement it brings to you when you roll the dice and waiting for your bet to come out. Nothing beats that feeling in a casino.

So are you ready to play craps online for money?

Though it may seem intimidating due to its specific propriety involved and the craps betting options available, craps is an easy casino game. In craps, your goal is for the shooter to win tossing the Point again before he tosses a 7.

The first roll in a craps game is called the “Come-Out Roll.” In craps game, there are 3 possible results of the come-out roll:

  • You roll a “Natural” (7 or 11): You win the Pass Line bet. The game is over, and you’re ready to start a new game with a new come-out roll.
  • You roll “Craps” (2, 3, or 12): You lose the Pass Line bet. The game is over, and you’re ready to start a new game with a new come-out roll.
  • You roll any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10): The number rolled becomes your “Point” for the game, and the game continues. Keep rolling the dice. If you roll your point again before rolling a 7, you win the Pass Line bet; if you roll a 7 before rolling your point, you lose the bet.

The payout on the Pass Line bet is 1:1. In other words, if you bet $10 and you win the bet, you receive an additional $10 from the online casino.

However, if you throw a 7 before your “point” number then you lose and the dice move on to the next shooter but if your “point” number shows up before a 7 does, then you have made a “pass” which means you win your bet and you get to roll again.

Basic Craps Betting Options

  • Pass Line Bet
    Located before the Come out Roll. You’re betting on the chance that you’ll roll the Point again before you roll an Out 7. Pass bets win at even odds, 1:1. Since any Pass Line bets are typically betting with the shooter.
  • Don’t Pass Bet
    Opposing to the Pass Line Bet,the Don’t Pass Bet is when you’re betting that the shooter will roll Out 7 before making the Point. Here, you’re betting against the shooter, good thing of this bet is that you are rest assured that there is nothing wrong with the odds on a Don’t Pass bet.
  • Come Bet
    On the contrary to the pass and don’t pass bet, the come bet can be made any time during the shooter’s game. The come bet is conducted the exact way as Pass Line bet. During the “Come-out roll”, the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 which the Come Bet wins. However, if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled after a Come Bet is made, the bet losses the game.
  • Don’t Come Bet
    Much likely to Don’t Pass bet, the Don’t Come bet can be made placing your chips on the Pass Line bet. If the “Come-out roll” comes up a 7 or 11, the bet loses. If it comes up a 3, the bet wins. All other numbers rolled are considered point numbers, which if rolled again before rolling a 7 or 11, will cause the don’t come bet to lose.
  • Lay Bet
    The bet is made placing chips on a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 in the come box. If the number is rolled before a 7 the bet loses. Since 7 is rolled more than any other number in craps, the odds are lower than the buy bet. Rolling a 4 or 10 pays out 1 to 2. Rolling a 5 or 9 pays out 2 to 3. Rolling a 6 or 8 pays out 5 to 6.
  • Horn Bet
    Four bets in one where you are placing one betting unit on 2, 3, 11 and 12. If 3 or 11 is rolled wins pay 3.75 to 1. If 2 or 12 is rolled wins pay 7.5 to 1. Any other number rolled and the bet loses.
  • Field Bet
    By placing your bet to Field Bet, a bet placed on the field wins if the next roll is a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11. If the next roll is a 3, 4, 9 or 11 you win even money. If a 2 or a 12 is rolled you win 2 to 1.